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Why to call a professional recruiting firm? 
Because a company can not exist without employees, and high-performance employees mean high performance.
Why Recrut'ART?
Because involving us in your recruitment projects you will certainly benefit from the choice of most suitable candidates through a recruitment process conducted in a professional manner.


How do we define a specific position?

We achieve defining the requirements of a client through many discussions with representatives of the human resources department, with future colleagues or superiors. We start from desired the education and experience future employee and concluded with personal profile, which is always very important and which put great emphasis.

How do we recruit?

Our recruitment process includes use of both classical methods (own and public database search, announcements in media and new media, using our network of contacts, direct approach), and the use of the newest search tools based on the Internet.
If we are asked, we have the necessary competencies to resort to psychological testing. Also we have the necessary knowledge of English and German to evaluate candidates on these languages.

How long does the recruitment process lasts?

Usual duration of the search is 20 days for typical positions, can be correspondingly higher for top management positions.
Short list usually contains a minimum of three candidates for each position.

How do we select suitable candidates?

All candidates are seen in an interview that usually lasts between 40 and 60 minutes, starts with candidate’s study and review the professional route, entering in more detail in the relevant parts. The interview is partially structured, being led by a psychologist with extensive experience in recruitment techniques. When needed we appeal to recommendations from former jobs of the candidate.




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