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For our international customer, the developer of two leading marketing and marketplace integration platforms, we search for a Marketplace Integration Engineer to work remote from Romania.

Please send your CV at:

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The candidate has a minimum experience in data sharing between applications/platforms, the profile should be more technical but with inclination towards customer care and posess some script/java/database and also extracting data from the database experience .

Job description:

The candidate is familiar with script programming, has a coding background and will use both to on-board new
customers to our SaaS service platforms.


The candidate will work with both an operation and a development team.
With operations, he will coordinate and participate in customer on-boarding.
With the development team, he will contribute to the definition, requirement, development, and testing of
the problems we are solving.


The candidate will leverage his/her strength in various ways: contribute to product on-boarding code, participate in code
reviews, plan and execute exploratory testing, take on on-boarding activities to gauge the effectiveness of developed
The areas of intervention will primarily be in the integration of marketplaces with e-commerce and ERP solutions for our

Estimated due date: 05.12.2022

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